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Precautions to Take While Sealing Mobile Home Roof by Self

On a new mobile home with roof pitch, the attic will be dry and sidewalls will be moisture-less. Obviously, you would want it to stay that way. For that, most homeowners put rain gutters on the roof. Besides, that also helps to avoid icicles in winter and resolve drainage problems in monsoon. In addition to rain gutters, if you seal the roof with a sealant, then the home would endure variable weather for ages. Below is how you can seal the mobile home roof by self and have a comfortable life in a mobile home. Roof Inspection is Routine Inspect […]

Hanging a Pendant Light in your Sweet Mobile Home

Upgrading the d├ęcor of your mobile home is be a very good idea not just to increase the living comfort in the home but also to boost the mobile home prices. There are some simple and inexpensive things, which you can do to make the interior of your much-loved mobile home even more attractive. Below are the simple steps to attach a hanging pendant light to your home. How to Hang a Pendant Light Pendant lights can be used as task lights when installed as a single bulb fixture. Usually, pendant lights hang from the ceiling by a chain or […]

Few Things to Check before Buying a Used Mobile Home

Most of the mobile homes offer plenty of different features to their residents and they are all highly personalized. These attributes of mobile homes have helped them to become one of the most popular or favorite housing choice of many American citizens. If you are running low on a budget, then building a new mobile home can be a bit expensive to you. Yet, this should not keep you away from your dream of owning a modular home. If building a new modular home seems expensive to you, then buying a used mobile home would be the perfect alternative for […]