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Veterans or Surviving Spouses Seek VA Loans to Buy Mobile Homes

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Seeking VA Loans

Zero down payment Veterans Administration (VA) loans are sought by war veterans or surviving spouses to finance the mobile homes. The down payment amount varies as per the loan type selected by the spouse. If requirements are met, an army personnel’s spouse can procure zero down payment loans provided by a US federal body. However, they would want to refine finance options before contacting the Veterans Administration. Below are two ways to procure new manufactured homes finance and enjoy ex-service life.

The Two Types of Secured Federal Loans

Veterans Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture provide loans with zero down payments to eligible servicemen. Meanwhile, to procure a VA loan, the serviceman should be an active army man, an ex-army veteran, or an eligible candidate. Further, the candidate should prove their loan worthiness by submitting a certificate of eligibility to VA. To procure the USDA loan, the candidate should meet set income limits and the property should reside in a USDA region.

Alternative Means to Secured Home Finance

Federal Housing Association’s 3.5 percent down payment loan would help you procure maximum home finance. The FHA guidelines mandate buyers to meet a minimum 500 credit score. That said, the secured FHA loans incur a small mortgage premium/down payment followed by the monthly premium pay.

Using Equity to Pay Down Payment

Another way to procure mobile homes finance is to fund the equity by leasing property. In leasing, the lessee pays debts to the landlord gaining veterans’ buying fund. The conventional loans can be sought by them, provided that the lessee pays off the full debt in time. In fact, the guidelines with respect to the debt equity ratio and credit rating are quite flexible in federal loans when compared to standard ones.

In stark contrast to federal loans, lenders give conventional loans with down payment for mobile homes. It is the said the buyers who go for conventional loans have higher credit scores as well. However, a minus point to a conventional loan is that they require down payment, which buyers have to give to the mobile home manufacturers.

To determine your candidature and procure federal loans, contact the concerned center head. Calculate the price, meet the financing body, and buy the mobile homes securely.