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For moving a mobile home into a new site, it is imperative that many preparatory steps be done beforehand. This process is vital for ensuring accurate placement of the mobile home and must begin at least 60 days before the scheduled move-in date. This will ensure that there is sufficient time available for getting the required permits, utility connections, and an overall preparation of the location site.

Preparing the site at the earliest is necessary to avoid any sort of delays in the home moving process. Many of the regulations like permits, fees, and other processes vary according to different states and this needs to be clearly taken into consideration. The following are the many important things to carry out when preparing a new mobile home site.

Plot Surveying

Surveying the plot is essential in preparing the site. In the process, ensure that the land is leveled and is proper in size. Opt for a good location in a mobile home park or a community, and visit the place several times a day. This will help you get an idea about the location and the neighbors.

Boundary Lines Marking

Marking the boundary lines of the property using stakes is highly important. To do this, it is better to rely on the service of a city surveyor. It will also provide an added benefit, particularly if you are opting for any fencing to separate the property and privacy maintenance. Marking of the boundary lines also gives you an overall idea about the available outdoor spaces for your other needs.

Placing Concrete Pads

Concrete pads support the home and are usually present in mobile home parks. However, the installation of the driveway and patio has to be done there too. Therefore, these slabs must be completed three weeks prior to the moving in the house for proper drying and settling of the slabs. Furthermore, ensure that the slabs are the same length as the main slab.

Applying Permits

The requirement of permits will vary by the location. Many locations need a building permit, occupancy details, and a transport permit. It is also worth noting that these intended permits must be applied 6 weeks prior to the moving into the house.

Utility Connections

All the required utilities will be already present if the preferred location is in a mobile home park. However, for those who plan to buy a private plot, it is necessary to install all the essential basic utilities like electricity, water, gas, and septic system.