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Precautions to Take While Sealing Mobile Home Roof by Self

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Sealing Mobile Home Roof

On a new mobile home with roof pitch, the attic will be dry and sidewalls will be moisture-less. Obviously, you would want it to stay that way. For that, most homeowners put rain gutters on the roof. Besides, that also helps to avoid icicles in winter and resolve drainage problems in monsoon. In addition to rain gutters, if you seal the roof with a sealant, then the home would endure variable weather for ages. Below is how you can seal the mobile home roof by self and have a comfortable life in a mobile home.

Roof Inspection is Routine

Inspect the roof with a professional to figure out where exactly to seal, and what type of sealant to apply, on the roof. You are going to apply adhesive sealant on the roof subsequently, so prepare the roof by cleaning fallen leaves, dirt, and twigs with water. Roof inspection precedes roof insulation and succeeds even after new mobile homes for sale deals are done.

Follow Inspector Guidelines

The roof inspector may tell you to conceal gaps on the roof, and the best possible way to conceal is to use a waterproof caulk tape seal. Before you put caulk tapes and tap roof holes, ensure that the roof caulking is tightly screwed. If not tight, use a screwdriver to tighten up the roof caulking.

Put Double-Side Caulk Sealant on Roof

The caulk sealant need not be applied thick on a metal roof’s weakest parts. When you seal the metal roof, put the light sealant carefully on metal caulking, screw hole, and nail heads as well as other minute parts of roofs. Wait until the roof dries up completely as you apply the double-side caulking tape on the roof, and use a primer to dry quickly.

Apply Paint on Roof Sealant

After completing the preliminary phase of roof insulation by sealing minor portions tightly, it is time to paint the mobile home roof. The paint provides an additional layer on the roof, and just as you paint the roof with a paint roller, do the routine inspection again for fallen leaves, dirt, and twigs. Paint roller gives better access to the roof surface, and you could even use a ladder to access the roof completely on your own.

After sealing the roof, you can proceed to putting vinyl siding on your new mobile home’s sidewalls with the help of a general contractor.