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How to Make Mobile Home Bathrooms Energy Efficient

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Fix Dripping Faucets

If you are planning to cut down the utility bills of your manufactured home, then the main room you should concentrate on is undoubtedly the bathroom. You will be able to significantly cut down the water usage at your home just by making a few simple changes to the bathroom of your manufactured home and save on the energy consumption. However, it is a fact that several people who own mobile homes have no clue on how to achieve this without spending too much of their money.

Seeking the help of a bathroom designer and sharing your ideas and concerns with them is the best way to accomplish energy efficiency in bathrooms. Below are a few simple tips on how to make mobile home bathrooms energy efficient.

Invest in a Low Flow Shower Head

Most of the older showerheads in mobile homes use approximately eight gallons of water per minute. However, according to the Federal Energy Policy Act of 1992, all faucets and shower fixtures made in the country should have a flow rate, which is less than 2.2 GPM (gallon per minute). So, invest in a low flow showerhead to save water and to cut down water bills.

Install Low Flow Faucets

You should also replace the bathroom faucet of your mobile home with a reliable low flow model. In addition to that, adding an inexpensive aerator will also help you to cut down the water usage in your bathroom. This is because adding an aerator to the water stream of the faucet will limit the flow of water to at least one gallon per minute.

Install an Energy Star Hot Water Heater

Making a switch to an efficient EnergyStar rated hot water heater will have a significant impact on the energy bill of your manufactured home. However, you will have to install the heater close to the water supply to avoid heat loss through the pipes.

Fix Dripping Faucets

Many homeowners fail to understand or they simply deny the fact that even a little drip of water can waste gallons of water on a daily basis, which will in turn increase your water bills. So, inspect your manufactured house and repair or replace the dripping faucets and pipefittings.

Install Low Flow Toilets

Another economical way to make your bathroom energy efficient is to replace the older toilet with a low flow one. Most of the newly designed mobile homes are equipped with low flow toilets but this is not the case when it comes to older mobile homes. So, if you are living in an older mobile home, switch to low flow toilets to reduce water wastage and save money.