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Several people who own mobile homes are a little bit hesitant to install an LCD TV in their mobile homes. This is because most of them feel that the TV will take up a huge portion of their mobile home and make the space look unattractive to viewers. If you are one among them, note the fact that you can wall mount a TV in your mobile home with ease. Nevertheless, you will have to consult with your modular home manufacturer and ensure that the walls of your home are capable of withstanding the weight of the TV.

However, if you own a larger sized mobile home, then you will probably have a space dedicated for installing an LCD TV, which means that you will not have to worry about the space factor. Below is how to install a LCD TV in a mobile home.

Purchase a flat-screen television kit from your nearest electronics store or through an online site and make sure to look for a locking knob too when you are buying one. The lock knob will keep your television from moving when you are transporting your mobile home to another location.

Now, find the right location for your LCD TV in your mobile home. You will have to install it on a tougher surface such as desk, table, counter, or wooden shelf. Measure the area and make sure that your newly purchased TV will correctly fit into the allocated space. Use a swivel mounting kit and provide enough room for the TV to slide.

Carefully screw the base of the mount to the mounting surface as mentioned in the instruction manual that comes with the mounting kit. Now, screw the mounting bracket to the specified area of your TV and bolt them to the base of the mount. Cautiously tighten all the screws and bolts and ensure that the mounting pieces are secure. Now, plug the power cords of the TV to the nearest electrical outlet in your mobile home.

Check the connections once again and make sure they are all in correct place. Turn on the power, sit back, and enjoy. However, if you are not able to receive any signals to your TV, seek the help of an expert technician.