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Guidelines for Preventing Frozen Pipes in Mobile Homes

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Mobile homes offer many benefits like affordability, energy savings, mobility, etc., to the homeowner. Enjoying these benefits for an extended period requires frequent maintenance on different parts of the home.

The plumbing, one of the major systems in the home, is highly prone to numerous vulnerabilities that can cause it to malfunction. In plumbing, frozen pipes remains one of the most pertinent issues in most mobile homes during colder weathers.

In most mobile homes, the water service source is connected under the home where the air is cold and damp. The water supply systems must get adequate protection from all kinds of damage during sub freezing temperatures. Since the water lines are located in the ground, there is a need to implement additional protection to prevent any kinds of freezing issues.

Heat tapes are the ideal solution to preventing the water pipes from becoming frozen. They are designed to give effective protection for all kind of water pipes against freezing. Heat tapes are easily available in the market in different variants making it an effective yet affordable measure against pipe freezing.

When installing heat tapes, it is important that it should cover all the exterior pipes and shutoff valves. The following are detailed instructions for installing heat tapes to prevent the water pipes from freezing.

  • Before buying a heat tape for the pipe insulation purposes, it is necessary to check the home manufacturer manual to determine the appropriate length. In case the manual is not available for reference, a proper measurement of all the pipes under the home including the shutoff valves would do well.
  • Each of the joints in the pipe system needs proper sealing – so make sure to check for any water leaks. This is important since installing a heat tape on a leaking pipe will cause further damage and can reduce the life of the heat tape.
  • Use heat tapes that have good quality certifications like the UL or CSA to ensure the effectiveness of the tapes. In addition, using a heat tape with an automatic thermostat is preferred.
  • Insulate the entire pipe by covering its entire length with heat tapes. Electrical tapes can be used to secure the heat tapes to the pipe.
  • Connect the heat tape into the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter located under the mobile home.
  • Before switching on, always ensure that the heat tape thermostats are installed according to the manufacturer instructions.