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History of Mobile Homes

In the beginning, trailer travel was mainly recreational, as it was a budget friendly option to tour different places. However, at the times of the Depression, many families who had lost homes and jobs packed their lives into mobile homes. Originally, these campers were not used for full time living, but later, mobile home manufacturers identified these homes as a new trend in housing.

Trailer and mobile homes rose to the occasion during Second World War as an emergency housing option on military bases and worker lodging near the factories that were engaged in war production. There were many mobile home manufacturers, that offered portable trailers that can be easily wheeled to the locations and with changing time, the livability and average square footage expanded.

By the 50’s, trailers became a viable housing option and mobile home parks sprouted along the outskirts of many towns. Typically, a mobile home park had a central shower and laundry facilities. Consequently, mobile homes offered cheap and affordable housing for both young and old alike in all areas of the country.

In June 1976, the term “mobile” was set aside officially and was replaced with the new term “manufactured” and mobile homes became manufactured homes. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) had set national standards for these homes to improve the safety and quality of these homes.

Bruce Savage, who is a consultant to the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) says, “The HUD code has evolved, and the guidelines are fairly strict, but how they are achieved is up to the manufacturer.” There will be a certification tag attached to each of the transportable section of the mobile home verifies inspection to the standards. The HUD code has been updated many times since 1976.

Building homes in a factory makes sense, as it will ensure that all the quality and safety standards are met. In addition, factory manufacturing will speed up the process and a solid system tested home can be made in a matter of seven to ten days. These homes will also have relatively high degree of finishing (painted and dry walls, all the appliances installed, and window treatments finished). Besides, manufactured homes are built in a controlled environment by skilled workers and the process is not slowed down by weather or any other factors.