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The mobile home parks in the suburbs of United States are treasure troves, been kept as a niche for the commercial real estate segment. Investors find it hard to generate leads and penetrate the stringent barriers set by the indigenous park owners. How often do you walk around the streets, looking for family members owning the park? You need not do that again, for the following ways would help you strike an initial contact easily.

Online Websites

The benefit of searching online is that most websites provide contact numbers. You get to choose from a pool of thousand residential areas, having more or less identical mobile home prices. If you are looking for those foreclosed by banks, you as well search in the Real Estate Owned (REO) auction websites, which call for new orders from time to time.

Real Estate Brokers

Real estate brokers keep a dozen treasured properties to be undisclosed only to reveal them at the appropriate time to qualified buyers. This is a strategy called “pocket listings” something which is completely different from published listings. Each broker holds back relevant information regarding uninitiated park owners and the respective mobile home prices.

Lead Generation

Business contacts yield instant details regarding park owners, their pricing mechanism and even the mobile home manufacturer doing all the construction works. You can afford to contact the owners directly via personal E-Mails or calls. The tricky part, however, is negotiating the prices, which are often established earlier by consensus.

Direct Walk-Ins

Try this approach in case none of the above steps offered any results. Walks-Ins helps create a personal touch among the mobile home park owners although real sale depends on the mood they are caught up in. Talk positive no matter the contacting clients are isolated, reclusive, uplifted and maybe even “ready to sell.”

With home investments, at best you make contacts with amicable interest and at worst you stay silent and accept a deal. Search more, dig in deep and you could even find better solutions for the tricky investment decisions.