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You cannot just simply fire up the engine and roll out to the highway once you have found a mobile home that suits your tastes. Moving a mobile home involves many steps and it needs much planning and preparation to make it happen. When you are moving a mobile home, you are relocating the entire housing structure and the job will need much preparation weeks before the actual move. Some of the important things that you need to consider while planning to move your mobile home are discussed below.

Find a Mover

The first thing to do is to find a licensed and reputable moving company to finish the job successfully. It is important for you to communicate with the moving company on what kind of service you are looking for and what you need from them. In addition, make sure that the moving company provides you with a copy of the agreement and the quoted price to move your small manufactured homes.

Preparing the Home for the Move

After deciding on the moving company, you will need to start preparing for the move. Simply put, now you need to get your mobile home ready to be transported. The home will be lifted and placed on a flat bed truck and driven to the new location. This means that while the home is on the road, it will be subjected to the elements that you usually encounter on road such as bumps and sudden brakes.

To prepare the mobile for the relocation process, you will need to get rid of all the exterior attachments of the home, and turn off all the utilities. In addition, you will have to remove everything from the inside of the home that are valuable and can be damaged or broken while the home is being moved. Making sure that your mobile home is ready for the relocation process will go a long way in ensuring the home is in one piece when it arrives to the new location.

Prior to moving the home, you will also have to secure the exterior of the home. You will need to check for any lose roofing or siding pieces and fix them before the move. Additionally, you will need to bolt all windows and doors or board them up before moving, as simply closing them might not be enough.