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Upgrading the décor of your mobile home is be a very good idea not just to increase the living comfort in the home but also to boost the mobile home prices. There are some simple and inexpensive things, which you can do to make the interior of your much-loved mobile home even more attractive. Below are the simple steps to attach a hanging pendant light to your home.

How to Hang a Pendant Light

Pendant lights can be used as task lights when installed as a single bulb fixture. Usually, pendant lights hang from the ceiling by a chain or a simple rope. The globe, which holds the bulb, will be attached to the bottom of the chain or rope.

These lights are usually installed in kitchen over the tables and islands and focus the light on the tables and islands. However, you can have a variety of designs, styles, and sizes in pendant lights that can be used to add character to the room where you are installing it. Besides, this way, you will get a better deal for sure when you put the manufactured home for sale. Below is how to hang a pendant light in your mobile home.

Cut the Power

You will have to turn off the power supply to the room where you are planning to hang the light. This can be done from the circuit breaker in the electric panel of the home. You will need to find the exact breaker to the room and turn it off. If the breakers are not labeled, you may cut the entire power supply to the home.

Remove Old Fixture

Remove the bulb from the old lighting fixture and then unscrew the collar of the fixture. After unscrewing the collar, you will need to disconnect the wires that run into the electrical box. In most of the case, there will be three wires: copper, black, and white. Disconnect all these three wires and carefully remove the old fixture from the mounting bracket.

Assemble the Light

Most of the pendant lamps will be offered preassembled, but some of them need assembly. If the pendant lighting you bought needs assembly, ensure that you have all the information needed to assemble the same. You will have to carefully go through the steps provided in the instruction manual to assemble the lighting.

Attach the Lighting

Now you will need to attach the mounting bracket for the pendant lighting to the electrical box. You can use the screws provided with the pendant lighting to attach the mounting bracket in place. The next thing is to attach the wires. Connect the copper wire around the green screw on the fixture, the black wires coming out of the light fixture and electrical box together, and do the same for the white wires.