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Landscaping is one of the best ways to enhance the exterior appeal of mobile homes. Having a properly maintained landscape is a great way to improve the overall beauty of the home as well as in creating a perfect ambiance for living. It must be done in accordance with a carefully laid out plan. This includes the available space of land in front of the house, examining the possibilities in growing numerous varieties of plants and trees, and the irrigation systems. They can be creatively arranged out to match with the theme and accent of the home. Below are some essential landscaping ideas for mobile homes.

Using Containers

Containers are essential items that can be used for creating a certain height and texture in the landscaping. For this purpose, consider using containers of different sizes and styles and stick to a theme while arranging them. Carry out a detailed arrangement of the containers by placing the larger ones nearer to the home and the smaller ones in front, as it will create a layered look. Place colorful and distinctive flowers along with several outdoor plants in these containers. Using containers have other numerous benefits such as the ability to relocate from one place to another easily.

Installing Fountain

Installing a fountain is one of the best ways to induce a feeling of peace and tranquility to the landscape. Besides, it serves as an excellent attraction to the home and can enhance the ambiance of the exteriors. Install the fountain at crucial positions in the front yard such as near to a window. This will help the inhabitants listen to the sound of falling water, which is a good relaxation measure. Consider adding a birdbath in front or the backyard to attract birds. In addition, you can also consider placing a koi pond beneath the fountain and line it with tropical plants, moss, and grass.

Patios and Trellis

Installing a patio is a great way to provide a decorative feature to the entire landscaping in mobile homes. Consider adding a paver patio to the front or back yard of the home and place decorative flowers or plants in them. The design of the patios can be square, rectangle, or round. Adding trellis acts as a division between the yards and provides a sense of privacy to the patio. It is better to use wood or metal trellis and place flowering plants for a enhancing the look of the trellis.