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Common Interior Damages in Older Mobile Homes

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Common Interior Damages

Most prospective buyers in the country have started to look for cheap mobile homes rather than buying a conventional site-built home. It is true that living in a mobile home allows you to enjoy a number of benefits. However, if you are planning to buy a mobile home, then the first thing to do is to inspect it and check for damages.

Most of older mobile homes will be in need of slight structural repairs. So, make sure to thoroughly inspect the house by hiring a local contractor or a mobile home builder. This will allow you to save your investment and to avoid potential downfalls in the future. Below are a few common interior damages that can be seen in the interior of older mobile homes.

Roof Damages

Roofs leaks are one of the common structural issues in many older mobile homes. Minor pinholes from falling branches or acorns can result in significant roofing damage to the house. So, make sure to correct the roof of your mobile home by replacing the damaged shingles or cement the damaged roof area.

Wall Damages

Mobile home manufacturers expertly design the walls of their homes to keep water out of the structure. However, issues such as overflow of gutters, tearing of seams, and roof leaks can cause serious damage to the walls of your home. So, make sure to properly inspect the walls and do the necessary repairs.

Floor Damages

Most of the older mobile homes are seen to have flooring issues, which is mainly due to poor maintenance. So, check whether there are any holes, soft spots, or any other damages in the floor before buying the house. Consult with your local builder and ask them about the cost of repairs. This will help you to decide whether to buy the mobile home or not.

Plumbing Damages

Any kind of water overflow or leakage in a mobile will certainly damage the floors and walls of the structure if they are not removed for a substantial amount of time. So, carefully inspect the water lines and check for leaks in water lines, sink connections, faucets, pipes, etc.

Electrical Damages

Make sure that the electrical service of the home that you are going to buy is connected and powered on when you are inspecting the house. This will help you to check whether all the outlets, light switches, and appliances in the mobile home are in good condition or not.