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Mobile Home Bathroom Ventilation

You might be scanning the mobile homes for sales advertisements posted online to find the perfect one for you, but there are a few things you need to know about mobile homes bathroom and kitchen ventilation before zeroing in on one. Below are a few important points about mobile home ventilation requirements, which would help you find the best mobile home for you.

Every time you use the bathroom or kitchen of a mobile home, moisture and humidity is generated that needs to be exhausted out of the home to prevent odor build up and to maintain a healthy living atmosphere inside the home. Until 1994, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) did not require mechanical ventilation of mobile home bathrooms and kitchens, but the codes were updated in 1994. However, most mobile home manufacturers were already adding exhaust fans to the homes made by them due to customer demands.

As per the updated HUD requirements, the bathroom fan should move fifty cubic feet of air per minute. Usually, the bathroom light and exhaust fans will be on separate switches. Nevertheless, if there is some moisture problem in the bathroom, you can make use of any of the three ways explained below to get more moist air out of the room.

Use Same Switch for Light and Exhaust Fan

You can get help of a mobile home manufacturer or a general contractor to tie the exhaust fan and the bathroom light to the same switch. This is a very cheap solution that can help you fix you fix moisture problems in mobile home bathrooms very easily. This will guarantee that the exhaust fan is on whenever the bathroom is being used.

Use Timer Switch for Bathroom Exhaust Fan

You may get help of an electrician to replace the on/off switch of the bathroom exhaust fan with a timer switch. Before using the bathroom, you can adjust the timer switch to continue running the fan for a few minutes even after you leave.

Use Switch with Humidistat Device

This is the latest trend in mobile home bathroom exhaust fan control system. This fan control switch incorporates a humidistat device to it. This device will measure the humidity of the bathroom and will not turn the fan off until the temperature and humidity of the bathroom has reached the set level.