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How to Retrofit Dormer Windows on a Used Mobile Home

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Retrofit Dormer Windows

The dormer windows atop mobile homes pave way for natural light and give headspace and ventilation inside the attic space. In fact, gabled dormers are stylish additions on new mobile homes for sale. Below are some sequential ways to retrofit the old roof dormers at home with a whole new dormer.

Preplan and Measure Existing Roof

Make a blueprint of the attic covering all the minute details such as roof slope, headspace, and existing design of the roof. While you place the dormers at the attic, you should note not all roofs on mobile homes look similar to one another and that regular sizes may not fit your roof. Once you have purchased a given dormer, such as gable dormer vents to name one, measure old roof’s underside.

Make Room to Place the Rafters

Tied rafters would provide a solid framework to the roof whilst functioning as the beam support for the roof dormer. Rafters shall run through the eaves, wall plates, etc., whereas an I-beam must bear the load of mobile homes sidewall. Generally, the 2 x 6 rafters are perpendicularly tied with the horizontal I-beams made of steel, but before that, an opening to place rafters shall be driven through the roof.

Level up New Dormer Windows on Sidewalls

Gable dormers are like windowsills at the front door. Some gable dormers don’t require sidewalls in traditional buildings. Generally, 2 x 6 dormers are tied with studs on the sidewalls of a mobile home. Yet before you place the dormers on an even-keel on the sidewalls, install the corner studs and tie the 2 x 4 top plates with bottom plates and the gable vent. In addition, ensure that the plates are leveled appropriately and that joists are parallel to the dormer’s front wall.

Insulate the Dormer Stylish Looking Dormers

Homeowners tend to use the structured insulation panels to insulate the dormer roofs. While they are at it, they place adequate flashings as well as a sealant around the gaps of the SIP. You can add the sidings and trims on the dormer to make the dormer look stylish as well as functional.

On new mobile homes for sale, the dormers are insulated to prevent moisture and are fast tracked from a climate-controlled factory. However, when homeowners retrofit the dormers, they take sequential drills carefully.