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The quality and life of a mobile home depends much on its price when the home was originally made. A budget mobile home will meet only minimum HUD standards, but the more expensive ones will be made using better quality materials. This means that if the original owner of the home purchased a premium line mobile home, chances are that it will last much longer.

Experts say that the budget mobile homes can show signs of deterioration within just ten years of manufacture if the home is not maintained properly. Most of us will be able to tell a budget mobile home from a premium one easily. The basic ones will look bare bones and they cannot be compared with the site-built homes. The mid range ones will have a house like proportion and construction detailing, but the premium ones can easily be mistaken for conventional stick-built homes.

Some of the key visible areas that can help you find if a mobile home is well constructed are discussed below.

Roof Pitch

Budget mobile homes will have a low roof pitch, usually 2/12. The pitch of the roof can be understood best when looked from the side of the house. You should keep in mind that as quality of the house increase, the roof pitch also increases.


Particleboards or panels of wood were used as siding on cheap mobile homes that were made between the 1980 and 1990. Mobile homes older than these homes will have metal sidings regardless of the price. Budget mobile homes these days use economy grade vinyl to make sidings. Better quality mobile homes use fiber cement or heavier vinyl siding.

Roof Overhang

Most basic mobile homes will have no or minimal roof overhang at back and front, meaning that water will run down those walls each time it rains. Apparently, it is not good for the life of the mobile home. You can generalize that as the roof overhang of the mobile home increases, the quality of the home also increase.

Ceiling at Exterior Walls

Usually, budget mobile homes will have a ceiling height of seven feet, when measured from where the ceiling meets the back and front walls of the home. As the door height of the home remains the same at six feet eight inches, it will be easy for you to get an idea about the ceiling height.