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Date Plate To HUD Template

The mobile home manufacturer places the ‘date plate’ on the interior of the HUD standards based manufactured homes. The codes set by the Housing and Urban Development mandate the date plate on mobile homes since 1976. In fact, the date plate reveals tons of information about the home other than the date of construction.

The date plate can be found inside the bedroom, on the electric panel, or in the kitchen. The following information is normally displayed on the date plate of a manufactured home:

  • Name and address of mobile home manufacturers
  • The date of manufacturing
  • The HUD numeric tags
  • Serial number of the mobile home manufacturer and model of the home
  • A list of factory-assembled equipment
  • Check box for roof load zones inside
  • The wind-prone zones
  • Heating and cooling data with thermal map

However, we tend to face instances in home remodeling wherein the date plate gets obscured by paint, or taken off. In fact, there may not be a date plate, to begin with, on the pre-HUD mobile homes.

What to Do if the Date Plate is Removed

Tracking the certification number or the serial number helps to relocate the information in the date plate. To retain the information, homeowners can contact the HUD-certified contractor. Some of the contractors tend to keep the info on manufactured homes that date back to 1976. That is when the term manufactured homes interchanged with the term “mobile homes”.

The HUD serial number is imprinted on a 2×4-inch metal plate to tag the dwelling. The tags are attached to the sidewall of the manufactured home or at the bottom corner. The tags are prone to fall underneath, but unlikely to fade easily. Further, the HUD mandates mobile home manufacturers to use tags in letters and place it 3/8 inches high.

From the year 1976 and up to 1994, all manufactured homes were built as per the uniform HUD template regardless of where they get placed. The present standards distinguish manufactured homes as per the regions and internationally as well. Moreover, the manufacturer also uses the customizations in addition to the HUD template to satisfy homeowners.