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Mobile Home Standards

The mobile home adheres to all the standards set by National Building Code and the respective standard councils. The standards are separately laid for preparing the site, laying the foundation, and fastening work respectively. For instance, the Canadian Standards Association has reaffirmed the norms in 2013, suspending previous norms somewhat. Let us analyze the standards in brief here.

Standards for Site Preparation

The section 9.12 of the Z240.10.1-08 (R2013) deals with the site preparation including erection and property clearances if any. Three requirements are outlined under the section 9.12 for site preparation:

  • The full area underneath the mobile home land must be clean of all organic material. The area shall be graded either from center or from side-to-side, and then covered by inorganic material such as gravel.
  • A six-millimeter thick poly ground shall be applied underneath the mobile home, preferably approved by CGSB. The ground must also cover six inches in length.

Standards for Foundation Works

The foundation works are supposed to confirm with a previous norm, CSA-Z240.10 Section 4. The following are the additional requirements as per that norm:

  • The mobile home manufacturer instructions shall be taken when the foundation unit is backed by the running floor beams.
  • Perimeter walls used for foundation must adhere to the Canadian National Building Code.
  • Concrete slab and pile shall be used in the foundation as per the condition of soil in the mobile home property.

Standards for Footings in Pier Foundation

  • In pier foundations, the footings must bear the pier load to avoid excess soil or failed footing.
  • The non-reinforced footings placed underneath the pier foundation must be four inches thick minimum. Maximum thickness should not extend beyond the pier foundation.
  • The wood footings must withstand the pressure. Such footings are said to be ideally 3.5 inches thick.

Pile and Pier Foundation Standards

  • The diameter of reinforced concrete piles should be minimum 8 inches.
  • Lateral restraint placed on each pier should prevent the beam slippage.
  • Crib pier shall be supported by wood or concrete footing. Wood piers shall be approximately 6 inches thick, and that too pressure treated.

These are the building codes regulated on the manufactured homes in Canada. Make sure that your mobile home manufacturer knows all the details regarding state laws, federal laws, and mobile home assembly before signing the agreement.